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Treating disorders of the
Brain, Spine and
Peripheral Nerves
Dr. Jean Louis Benae is an industry-leading Board Certified Neurosurgeon who has over 10 years of neurosurgical experience.
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Back pain
Back Pain

At North Texas Brain and Spine Specialists, we provide expert care for back pain disorders.



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Neck Pain

Our skilled physicians use state-of-the-art equipment to treat a variety of neck pain issues.


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Brain & Nerves

We also integrate advanced medical techniques to treat several disorders of the brain and nerves.

North Texas
Brain & Spine Specialists

Dallas neurosurgeon patientsJean Louis Benae, Board-Certified Neurosurgeon & Minimally Invasive Spine Specialist, devotes his medical practice to providing quality care for every patient. He strives for a conservative approach whenever possible to boost your comfort and peace of mind. Each case is diagnosed and treated with the utmost accuracy, guided by his extensive experience and versatility with complex spine disorders.

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Dr. Benae approaches spine care using a comprehensive care model. He educates his patients about their condition and ensures the most effective treatment modality. The outstanding medical team at North Texas Brain & Spine Specialists utilize the latest medical techniques to properly diagnose and treat your condition. If you are experiencing problems such as back pain, spine injury, brain disorders, or other neurological conditions, schedule a consultation with our neurosurgeon and get relief.


About Dr. Benae

Treating Spinal Disorders

Most Americans experience some level of spine pain during their lifetime. Whether the pain is located in the neck or the back, debilitating or intermediate, localized or radiating throughout the spine, Dr. Benae has the experience and expertise to correctly treat the cause of the pain. Just a few of the spine conditions we treat include:

Treating Brain Disorders

There are a many types of brain disorders that affect millions of people worldwide. Whether caused by injury, disease or health conditions, disorders of the brain can impact you move, think and behave. Some of the brain disorders we treat are:

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Dr. Jean Louis Benae at North Texas Brain & Spine Specialists is currently accepting new patients with back pain, neck pain, spinal disorders, brain disorders or peripheral nerve pain. To schedule an appointment, please contact our office in McKinney at (972) 704-1535.

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